Joey-Poey (joeypoey) wrote in lettersnladies,

Welcome To Letters and Ladies!

And it's up and running!

I'll be your moderator, ladies and gents, and hopefully this community will help us communicate as we organize and flesh out this portfolio. I look forward to working with every one of you as you are all distinguished, talented artists in my humble opinion. Hence why I invited you all to be a part of this project that is so special to me.

First, some ground rules!

1. Unless someone knows of a way to general lock all posts in the community to only be viewable by members (I've been looking and can't find it) please make sure any posts you make that contain an image that may go into the portfolio are marked as FRIENDS ONLY. If it's just a rough sketch and you want to let it be shown as a teaser, please run it by me first and I'll let you know if I think it's okay to make it public. I'm sorry if I seem harsh about this, but being a patron of pinup artists myself, I know how much it cuts back on paying customers when they know they can get the same sexy girls for free.

2. This should go without saying and I highly doubt this group will have a problem with it as I know most of you pretty well and you're all mature people; however, I do want to say that there shall be no flaming or trolling in this community. I won't put up with immaturity of that ilk (being immature in a silly way, though, is fine and encouraged!).

3. Ummmm... that's all I can think of for right now! Have fun, share ideas with each other, ask questions and cruise around as you please!

More added later if I can think of anything (I got distracted in the middle and lost my train of thought).
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