arsemaus (arsemaus) wrote in lettersnladies,

Color concept for pin-up type mouse thing

Here's a sketch of a character I'd like to pitch, along with its color scheme.
This image kinda deviated from the retro-tattoo aesthetic I had originally planned for it, but that's the fun of screwing around with an idea. I may end up doing more than one if time permits.
Feel free to throw suggestions at me, or grill it! I have a tough skin.

While this is up, someone teach me how to do that 'under the cut' business.
I'd hate for my posts to needlessly whore up your page space.
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I actually like where this is going. A devil girl kinda thing could be really fun. I could make the graff really hellish as a nice contrast to her all "who, me?" innocent look.

And as for the LJ-cut stuff, they have a how-to here.